How to Select the Right Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor whose specialization is in the physical, mental, and behavioral care of children. Pediatricians do not only care for toddlers and babies, though. They also care for adolescents of up to 18 years and occasionally beyond. They do physical tests and immunizations, monitor growth, and diagnose and treat diseases. Choosing the right pediatrician is one of the toughest tasks. This is because there are so many paediatricians and they all appear worth the choices. Due diligence is vital in selecting a pediatrician. Here are some things to pay attention to when choosing pediatrician.

Where is the pediatrician located? Your preferred pediatrician should be in a convenient location. Babies need to see their doctors a number of times during their first year of life – generally after every 2-3 months. Selecting a pediatrician close to your work, daycare, or home can be very convenient and help save time. If you do not own a car, you can select a pediatrician whose office is effortlessly accessible by public transport.

Does your OB-GYN recommend the pediatrician? The good thing is that you do not have to select a pediatrician alone. During your pregnancy, you will probably build a friendly, trusting affiliation with your OB-GYN. If it is so, you can ask him or her for recommendations. You can also get recommendations from your primary care doctor or family doctor.

Will the pediatrician perform the first checkup at the hospital? As you talk with various pediatricians, inquire if they will do your child’s first checkup at the hospital. Some doctors will visit you shortly after you deliver, but only if they are affiliated with the hospital you are in. If this isn’t the case, your toddler will get their first checkup from a hospital-allied doctor and then receive another checkup at the office of your pediatrician roughly 5 days after delivery.

What are the pediatrician’s credentials and experience? Every pediatrician graduates from a medical school, completes a residency program and gets state licensing. However, not every pediatrician is board certified. Board certification is an intentional process that needs extra training in pediatrics. After completing it, doctors sit for an exam to become certified. Board certification is curial since the pediatrician demonstrates competency in medical knowledge, communication skills, professionalism, and patient care.

How much is the cost? Different pediatricians charge different fees. To get a pocket-friendly deal, you should look at the charges of various pediatricians. However, you should avoid choosing a pediatrician only because he charges the least as you might be compromising on vital aspects such as quality of care, professionalism, and more. On the contrary, not every expensive pediatrician offers the best services. Hence, you should not use the price to judge what to expect from a pediatrician. Ensure the pediatricians you are considering are competent enough to offer the needed care. It’d also be wise to consider if the pediatrician is in-network with your insurance plan. If yes, you will save a lot of money as your plan will cater for some or all the expenses you incur.

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